Lockdown Liquor Collaborate With Seedlip

Lockdown Liquor & Co have unveiled a new partnership with Seedlip to create a unique non-alcoholic picante.

Their creation is The Grove Picante, which utilises Seedlip's unique approach to alcohol alternatives to produce a drink featuring the likes of lime, chili, agave, orange blossom and coriander.

The Seedlip Grove 42 blend was produced by Lockdown Liquor & Co by working closely with the official mixologist of Seedlip, creating a drink which captures the taste of a classic picante cocktail.

Speaking of the collaboration, Stewart Howard, head of advocacy at Seedlip, stated: "This exciting innovation is a testament to how the desire for non-alcoholic cocktails has grown, particularly at home where people are looking for sophisticated drinks without alcohol."

"The Grove Picante has great flavour, depth and balance with the added benefit of consistency. We're thrilled with the quality of the drink and can't wait to hear what our consumers think."

Featuring a blend of three types of orange for the perfect foundation, The Grove Picante can be enjoyed over ice, garnished with the top end of chili.

Launching soon, a 500ml bottle shall be priced at £25 and available via the Lockdown Liquor website.