Lockdown Loaves

It's official, everyone's gone crazy for baking during lockdown... Indeed, Google searches for 'bread' are at an all-time high, BBC Good Food says searches for their 'how to make bread' video were up nearly 700% and terms like #QuarantineBread are trending all over social media.

Simple Soda

Chefs have been quick to direct aspiring bakers to soda bread for their first foray into bread making; no wonder, as all you need for a traditional soda bread is flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. UK food writer Jack Monroe - aka the Boot Strap Cook - has become a go-to for advice on cooking with pantry basics thanks to popular recipes like her 38p Soda Bread.

Outside The Box

Ok, so now we know we don't need yeast to make bread... but did you know you might not even need an oven?! Or that the leftover water from last night's pasta might be a useful ingredient? The world of bread is full of exciting turns, and the internet is going crazy for all of them. Cooking Icon Nigella Lawson tweeted this secret tip for aspiring bread makers: "Keep the water you've cooked potatoes or pasta in. It will help the bread's texture and rise." You can even make bread in the microwave too, which has caused much chatter across social media, encouraging many to experiment.

Class 101

Let's face it, most of us are bread beginners. Keen to be shown the basics without being overwhelmed is an entire myriad of chefs and food writers, eager to showcase their simplest, no-fail, easy baking recipes. Maximum comfort, minimum room for error, because sometimes a plain white loaf is just the best and most comforting thing possible. This means Jamie Oliver, BBC Good Food, This Morning and many more have become sources of information and inspiration.

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