London's Most Intimate Omakase Dining Experience To Open Next Week

London's most intimate Omakase dining experience, and perhaps most dining experience in the city in general, is set to open next week inside a secret space in Los Mochis, Notting Hill. Opening on 11th January is Juno Omakase with its exclusive six seat private dining room nestled inside the Los Mochis restaurant.

Sticking to the wider theme in Los Mochis, Juno Omakase will feature the best of Japanese tradition paired with an innovative Mexican twist, pushing the boundaries of Omakase as it's usually known. With only six seats, Juno transports guests into a magical stage that is as much a performance as it is a meal. Guests will get to indulge in 15 creative courses crafted by the talented Executive Chef, Leonard Tanyag, alongside a dedicated sommelier offering exquisite wine, sake, and agave pairings. No menu needed, just your trust in the chef.

The food will, as expected, focus on raw, cooked fish and shellfish. The whole Los Mochis restaurant is also nut, gluten and celery free so those with dietary requirements are also in good hands.

The Los Mochis restaurant offers Mexican vibrancy with Japanese elegance, creating an art-filled, design-forward space that's truly one-of-a-kind in London - as described on its website. Mexican and Japanese cuisines are blended to create unique and complex flavour combinations with maki rolls, ceviches, tiraditos, tacos and many other delectable dishes. Then alongside the food, the venue's bar, or Agaveria, boasts one of the largest collections of fine and rare tequilas and mezcals in the UK & Europe.

Find out more about both Los Mochis and Juno Omakase here.