LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM Launches Exclusively at Harrods

The LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM edition will make new history for LOUIS XIII, the timeless cognac created in 1874. Rare and exquisite collector's items, the world's first LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM six-litre crystal decanter for cognac will be available worldwide as of November 2016, after being launched exclusively in the iconic London department store, Harrods as of September for two months. Made by the legendary crystal manufacturer Baccarat, it requires over 20 master craftsmen to produce.

"LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM is truly the result of a work of art and genius, a tribute to craftsmanship and time. Harrods in London, a renowned institution whose History goes back as far as Louis XIII's, is the ideal setting in which to launch this monumental edition," said Ludovic du Plessis, LOUIS XIII Global Executive Director.

A very limited number of LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM will be made, each individually numbered for eternity. LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM will be available in exclusivity at Harrods, London, through September and October 2016.

"Harrods is extremely proud to have been given the opportunity to showcase this unique release from such a globally recognised brand as LOUIS XIII. It is a true reflection of our mutual determination to present Harrods clients with the finest and most sought-after products from the spirits marketplace," adds Nick Fleming, Spirits Buyer at Harrods.