Love It Or Hate It - Marmite On The Rise

More than just a quick scrape across the morning toast, Marmite has found its culinary champions in 2020, elevating the polarising spread to exciting new realms.

Marmite Butter
A loyal companion for decades, butter often follows where Marmite leads, but the likes of Marks & Spencer have taken this further with the merging of the two breakfast staples as of late. The UK chain has officially collaborated to create Marmite Butter, mirroring the popularity of similar creations seen at The Foundry (Leeds) and The Gaff (Abergavenny), which have garnered rave reviews already.

More recipes are now calling upon Marmite to add further depth and umami flavour to dishes, with beef proving a popular partner in crime. The newly opened The Nitery has seen chef Gizzi Erskine utilise the spread in her steak tartare, which is served on Marmite toast with bone marrow dripping and cured egg yolk. While The Drop Wine Bar serve their roast beef with Marmite mayonnaise alongside pickled and fried shallots.

Fast Food
Even the world of fast food and takeaways as begun to welcome Marmite with open arms, as the whole spectrum of familiar staples find a new dimension with this tar like treat. For example, Yard Sale have a cheese and marmite Pizza, while The Love Not Hate Mate burger from 7Bone Burger Co features a beef patty drizzled in Marmite and smoked yeast.

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