Madre Mezcal Launches Artisanal Mezcal-Based Canned Cocktails

The artisanal mezcal brand, Madre Mezcal last month introduced a new range of mezcal-based ready-to-drink canned cocktails called Desert Water. The new range is available in four flavours, Original; Mushroom, Sage & Honey; Grapefruit and Yerba Santa; and Prickly Pear and Lemon.

Each 12oz, 5% ABV can features Madre Espadin mezcal, sparkling water, real fruit and herbs with no artificial flavours or colours. The Madre Mezcal website says - With a nod to mezcal's heritage as a plant medicine, Desert Water incorporates ingredients believed to have functional properties like adaptogenic mushrooms, anti-inflammatory herbs and anti-fungal cacti. Yet, beyond the legacy of healing within these ingredients, each has been added for the unique flavor profiles they bring to the drinks to create something both refreshing and new.

Original - Clean and refreshing, the Original flavour is a straightforward combination of mezcal, sparkling water and a mild citrus twist. While closest to ranch water in profile, the subtle smokiness of the mezcal adds a new dimension to a drink that's perfect for a hot day in the sun.

Mushroom, Sage & Honey - An unexpected pairing of mezcal with Reishi and Chaga mushrooms complemented by a touch of honey and hint of sage for a balanced drink that's earthy and herbaceous.

Grapefruit and Yerba Santa - Grapefruit and mezcal is a simple pairing that results in the delicious Mezcal Paloma. Incorporating these same flavours, along with the Mexican herb Yerba Santa, which has notes of pepper, anise and eucalyptus, this refreshing flavour offers something familiar, yet something completely new.

Prickly Pear and Lemon - A blend of mezcal, prickly pear, and lemon citrus, this slightly sweet flavour boasts notes similar to strawberry along with its enchanting pink hue. High in antioxidants, carotenoids and known for anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, prickly pear is an unsung superfood used to treat a wide range issues, including hangovers.

Find out more about the new range here.