Magician App Delivers an Unlimited Source of Ideas for Both Professionals and Amateur Cooks

Professional chef and Menu Historian, Alexander Everett, today launches Menu Magician Chef/Pro on Google Play, iPhone and iPad, a menu generating app, available via that allows the user to concoct out-of-this-world ideas by using the apps 20,000 individual ingredients.

Target one of the hundreds of categories from Crumbles to Charcutière or from Soups to Soufflés, swipe your phone face and you will produce innovative menu proposals from your chosen field. You may experience extraordinary concepts such as Suckling Pig Bacon, Goose Gizzard & Blood Sausages or Red Bean Sorbet.

For many years, Alex Everett has been collecting and collating historical Menus/Bills of Fare to the point of owning an archive covering all genres of British life. During periods of study he had the idea for a Modern Menu Repertoire which could be boosted using the creative cut up writing technique. His aim is to bring in more funds from the App to establish a national Menu digital archive like the New York Library, something sadly the United Kingdom does not have.

Also helping is a spoof App (free) called Menu Magician Pot Luck, which was released earlier this year. In this version, wildlife and ingredients with strange sounding names are mixed together for hilarious menu combinations. Both Apps are designed with your own personal book to save your menus or to send your creations directly by E-mail, Facebook or Twitter to your clients, colleagues and friends.

Find out more and download here: