Marmite Launch Truffle Flavour Variety

Love it or hate it - Marmite has launched a new flavour variety, potentially it's most fancy flavour yet with the introduction of Marmite Truffle. The introduction follows a range of new flavour introductions over recent years which include the Dynamite Chilli version and a collaboration with Camden Town Brewery with limited edition Marmite ale, Love Hate Ale.

From the Marmite website - Truffle. The brand-new, utterly spiffing, jolly good, absolutely mahrvelus Marmite spread. It's your forever way to introduce a finer taste into your daily routine. Now it's not just toast – it's toast, eaten with your pinkie in the air. Love it. Hate it. Have it.

Marmite is a flavour that has been cropping up regularly on trendhub recently too, including a Marmite old-fashioned which we covered in our recent Pubs & Bars 2022 menuwatching report - looking at what's new in Fun Cocktails; and Marmite Crunch being added to Graze boxes - a small punnet of Marmite flavoured crunch in the UK, covered in our foodwatching April 2022 - New on the Shelves report.

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Image credit - Marmite