Mars, Incorporated has announced the launch of THE COCOA EXCHANGE, a direct to consumer platform that provides a rewarding way to turn a passion for cocoa into a worthwhile profession. THE COCOA EXCHANGE products are designed to be experienced, not to sit on a store shelf, which is why the brand brings them to consumers directly through specially curated in-home experiences.

Cocoa has been a passion of the Mars family for more than 100 years. Launched in the family kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, today Mars, Inc. is the world's largest chocolate company. This exceptional pedigree, combined with the contribution of three in-house culinary chefs, brings chocolate to life in unexpected formats that are 100% exclusive to the THE COCOA EXCHANGE. Committed to providing a truly wide-ranging experience, THE COCOA EXCHANGE offers three curated, proprietary brands:

  • DOVE SIGNATURE - Dive into the silky smooth world of DOVE SIGNATURE chocolate
  • PURE DARK - Explore chocolate beyond the candy bar, for serious chocolate adventurers
  • POD & BEAN - Discover your new secret ingredient in the kitchen with POD & BEAN products. Offering limitless savory options all made with chocolate, from White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard to Chipotle Hot Sauce, you'll find that cocoa goes with just about everything.

The direct to consumer format of THE COCOA EXCHANGE provides a simple and rewarding opportunity for anyone looking for a "side hustle." As a Curator, any cocoa-obsessed individual can take their love of chocolate and turn it into their own business by hosting an in-home tasting experience for friends and family. With the culinary expertise of Mars and a broad range of chocolate offerings, individuals can customise their approach based on their preferences and the tastes of their Hosts and customers.

THE COCOA EXCHANGE Curator opportunities include:

  • Hosting an in-home experience, which is simple and rewarding - their friends will have a blast and hosts earn credits which they can use to shop for free!
  • Creating custom experiences for their tasting experiences using 100% exclusive products.
  • Selling through online retail – Curators have their own personal online storefront that is always open, collecting orders and is maintained by THE COCOA EXCHANGE
  • Earning flexible income and perks, including
    • 25-40% commissions on personal sales
    • Product Discounts
    • Flexible schedule and an opportunity to have their own business

THE COCOA EXCHANGE is also committed to giving back. Mars, Inc. mapped the Cocoa Genome and with a bean-to-bar process, they lead the world's chocolate producer's Cocoa Sustainability efforts. DOVE and THE COCOA EXCHANGE have also partnered with CARE, a premier humanitarian organisation, to provide women in the Cote d'Ivoire, a cocoa producing country in West Africa, with Village Savings & Loan Associations where they can learn business skills and build their own businesses.

Find out more about the COCOA EXCHANGE and the Marc Inc brand here.