Martell Celebrates 300 Years Of Craftmanship With Employees And Winegrowers In Cognac

To celebrate its 300th anniversary, it was essential for the Martell House to celebrate its origins in Cognac, and in particular in the Château de Chanteloup, which has been refurbished for the event.

Over 2,500 winegrowers, distillers and other partners from the Cognac region received their invitations from Martell employees, who delivered them personally to mark their special relationship. For a month ahead of the event, they criss-crossed the Charente countryside in Martell branded trucks to hand-deliver the invitations to partners.

"This is a very special year for Martell, which is celebrating three centuries of cognac-making and close bonds with the people of Cognac. We wanted to invite all the local partners with whom we have nurtured a truly remarkable partnership for nearly ten generations, and I sincerely hope that this special relationship will continue for many generations to come," said César Giron, Chairman and CEO of Martell House.

Spectacular staging for an experience rich in sense & history

Guests were treated to a spectacular surprise at the start of the evening when two fighter jets roared across the Cognac sky, followed by three planes from the "Cartouche Doré", a squadron of seasoned flight instructors from the French air force flight academy in Cognac. The squadron is considered the "little brother" of the famed Patrouille de France aerobatics team, which put on a demonstration for guests during the 20 May event in Versailles. Two Cap Ten aerobatic planes then wrote out the number "300" in white smoke before dropping three parachutists – carrying some flags marked with Martell colours – who joined the guests and presented César Giron & Alexandre Ricard with bottles of the limited edition cognac given to guests as a gift.

This exceptional 40-minute airshow –a tribute to a shared history anchored in savoir-faire, excellence and passion – was crowned by a stunning fireworks display to set the stage for a grandiose evening in an amazing setting.