Martins Cafe

We stumbled upon this artisan coffee purely because of the packaging. The colours, the retro appeal and the robots! We think they’re all so lovely you’ll want to buy the lot just to display the boxes!

So what’s inside and why is it so special? Martins Café is a Brazilian brand of speciality coffee that is contributing to the country’s artisanal coffee industry. The five flavours (cardamon, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and 100% Arabica) were inspired by memories of childhood and the sweet, aromatic aromas that filled the house when coffee was being brewed.

The three partners behind Martins Café (Mariano Martins, Maira Lopes and Fabiola Filinto) were fully aware of the sweet sickly connotations that flavoured coffee has offered in the past, they wanted to get it right.  That’s when they called upon the skills of Isabela Raposeiras of Coffee Lab. She helped them conceive the line basing the flavours on real ingredients which are natural in taste and give the already smooth coffee a pleasant aroma instead of artificial additives.

The blends are made using coffee only from Marin’s 600 acre coffee plantation, Fazenda Santa Margarida, in Sorocabana, located 155 miles outside of Sao Paulo. 10% of the yearly yield goes to Martins Cafe.

As for the robot boxes….they simply wanted something that was colourful and would catch your eye. It did that alright!