McDonald's Australia Introduces New Creme Brulee Pie and McFlurry

McDonald's Australia has launched a new limited edition Creme Brulee Pie and McFlurry, a classic dessert flavour we've not long ago reported about over trendhub covering the evolution of this nostalgic pud as creative chefs and home cooks play with formats and global flavours.

The origin of the creme brulee - creamy vanilla custard with caramel - is up for debate, but one thing's for sure, it's back in business. Social media has played its part together with a dose of nostalgia, plus the increased affinity for charred and burnt flavours only fuel the fire to this trend.

It has cropped up in various formats over the years, and its flavour in even more - as seen with the new limited edition McDonald's dessert menu additions. However, the current resergence sees this retro dessert making its way to the masses thanks to accessible TikTok 'hacks'.

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