McDonald's Celebrates Chicken Nugget 40th Anniversary With New Dips

QSR chain McDonald's is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its popular Chicken Nugget with a range of four new limited edition dips.

The first two of the new dips will drop from 10th May at McDonald's outlets around the UK, with the new Garlic Mayo sauce as well as a Mega Hot sauce being made available first. Then from 31st May, Chipotle Mayo and a Creamy Ranch dip will also be added to the range. How long these new dips will be available is as yet unknown, being touted as while stocks last.

This isn't the only news we've seen of late from Maccy's, as the fast food chain also recently announced a new menu addition with its Spicy Big Tasty also making an appearance this month. The new burger features the chain's popular 100% beef patty, plus bacon, Emmental cheese, lettuce and tomato, topped off with Big Tasty sauce featuring added jalapeno for an extra kick.

McDonald's also recently announced that its changing up the recipe of its burger to further enhance flavours across its menu. The new formula for its burgers will see softer, toasted buns used; together with melted cheese and onions that are lightly caramelised thanks to being added to the burgers while they're still on the grill. The chain's iconic Big Mac also receives an uplift with a sweet and tangy Big Mac sauce now being added to every burger.