McDonald's Senior Happy Meals

As many older relatives continue to shield as best as possible from the risk of COVID-19, this has resulted in many generations being separated for a long period of time now, with children and grandparents the most obvious affected.

McDonald's Sweden has thought of a way to use their classic children's Happy Meal to share a heartwarming moment between kids and their older relatives. This senior meal allows grandchildren to surprise their grandparents with traditional McDonald's treats and personal gifts during this socially distanced period.

Kids are able to visit stations in-store, where they can create all manner of personalised goodies, thanks to a fully stocked art station available on site. Rather than the famous toys which children love to discover, they are replacing them with their own artwork to share with their grandparents. Placing the unique surprises alongside their relatives' favourite choice of meal.

Speaking of the unique promotion, McDonald's Sweden stated: "We wanted to let the kids surprise their grandparents with what they themselves love most, along with a surprise that we know the grandparents appreciate. We hope the initiative has made the lives of the grandparents a little more enjoyable."

It has not been confirmed whether the initiative shall be made available elsewhere in Europe or further afield.