Mead Has Received A Makeover

Mead has had a makeover and is trending once again with craft meaderies popping up all over the world. So, why is this ancient honey drop now the go-to brew on the craft scene? We take a look.

In the last few years, session mead has hit the market, with the lower alcohol and refreshing sparkling style appealing to a broader, often more youthful consumer bracket, as does the modern branding which is now generally in line with that of craft beer.

Other beer-like traits have also made the crossover, with hopped meads, in particular, appealing to beer drinkers. However, mead has the added advantage of being naturally gluten-free, opening up a whole new beverage category to gluten avoiders. There are also some super trendy new flavours, with tropical, berry, citrus and stonefruit popping up alongside confectionary, floral and spiced versions too.

We've explored the trending rise in mead popularity over in a recent drinkswatching report on trendhub. Subscribers can read the full report here. If you're interested in reading more then get in touch using the form below.

Senior Editor at thefoodpeople and lead behind the Mead report, Scott Fraser added: "Mead is making a comeback, especially in the US, where lower alcohol refreshing styles are becoming more popular. The craze for historical dramas really has boosted its fortunes, but it's not the whole story. Honey, with its connotations of purity, has been a huge driver of the mead trend (as has well as its natural gluten free status). With that said it's not just about swords, flagons and castles - many of the newer styles of mead have shaken off their medieval roots and are being influenced by techniques championed in modern craft breweries."