MEATliquor & Fergus Henderson Collaborate on a Brain Burger

Burger chain MEATliquor has teamed up with the owner of St John restaurant, Fergus Henderson who's known for his head-to-tail cooking, to create a brain burger to raise money for Parkinson's research.

The burger is to be made from panic fried calve's brain with sauce gribiche, homemade mayo and shredded cabbage. The burger will then be sandwiched in a potato and onion roll from St. John Bakery. Of course, they will be limited edition, so you'll need to book a ticket in advance, but 100% of sales go directly to Parkinson's research.

Henderson suffers from Parkinson's himself so it's rather appropriate that he's partnered with MEATliquor founders Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis to create the burger.

They will be available throughout June, sold at the Marylebone and Islington branches of MEATliquor, as well as MEATmission in Hoxton - limited to 15 per day from Monday to Friday at each outpost.

You can book a ticket in advance here - each ticket costs £30 and includes a brain burger, fries and a kitchen apron designed by Henderson.