Megan Rossi Launching Multi-Category Gut Health Brand

International gut health specialist, celebrity and speaker at the 2019 tfp Trends Event, Megan Rossi is launching what's claimed to be the UK's first first multi-category food brand dedicated to gut health. Rossi's new Bio&Me brand makes its market debut with four plant-based granola options: Apple & Cinnamon, Raspberry & Beetroot, Cocoa & Coconut and Super Seedy & Nutty.

Each variant of the range contains 15 different types of "plant-based goodness and prebiotic fibre, while most other granolas offer only four or five types" the brand says.

Rossi will be speaking at the upcoming Trends Event, sharing the latest thinking on the importance of maintaining a healthy gut, the links between gut health, how we feel and perform and the gut as 'the second brain'.

Find out more about Megan Rossi a.k.a The Gut Health Doctor, her new brand and much more over on her website. The 2019 tfp Trends Event is sold out but we will be covering the event live on our social media channels so make sure you are following us over on Twitter and Instagram.

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