Melbourne-Based Brewery Hop Nation Launches Limited Edition Beer For Dogs

Melbourne-based Brewery Hop Nation has teamed up with new for 2022 Aussie streaming service Binge to launch a limited edition beer for dogs inspired by the comedy show 'Colin From Accounts'. The new Colin's Pale Ale is only available while stocks last.

The Australian comedy series, obviously which is available to steam on Binge, is about two strangers who meet over a dog in the street, so it's an apt collaboration which now allows you to get a cold one for your pooch.

The beer is a broth made from beef bones rather than anything alcoholic or beer brew related, making it definitely one for your four-legged friends rather than yourself.

Ever sat on the couch with your four legged friend, fired up the tele, cracked a cold one and realised – your friend is missing out on one of life's great pleasures? Well, today their life changes forever (or for as long as a few cans of beer last).

Hop Nation is an independent Melbourne-based craft brewery. They launched their first IPA back in 2015 - THE FIEND - and haven't looked back, favouring hop-forward styles and experimenting with quality ingredients, using natural ingredients with no fining or pasteurisation.

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