menuwatching - Cafes and Bakeries

Covid-19 has completely changed the world around us – and has given us pause to reflect on our environmental impact, principles and lifestyles. Which, in turn, has had a huge impact on how we eat and when. That's not to say we're avoiding a treat – as little luxuries and a healthy dose of indulgence helps to counteract the growing trend towards better (and more functional) health!

Here are three key take-out trends from our café and bakery report:

Getting Involved

Largely driven by covid-19 but already in existence, at-home kits and DIY drinks let us have a say in the final version of our food. Cafes and bakeries have adapted during covid to offer make- or cook-at-home kits, enabling us to extend the experience into the home. Beyond that, coffees are served deconstructed and marshmallows are served with a burner to toast them over.

Make it Sustainable

We're stepping up and learning to take responsibility for the world around us (and our impact on it). In response, we're expecting brands and outlets to help us lessen our impact through sustainable, recyclable and reusable packaging, ethical sourcing of ingredients, and reducing waste wherever possible.

Tell Us a Story

Ingredients sourced from the best possible producers and old processes going back generations are being employed behind the scenes – and the stories are being shared, helping to build the experience in the process. An open, honest approach to the process behind a plate of food instils a sense of pride and helps to elevate even the simplest of dishes.

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