menuwatching - Casual & Fine Casual 2022

The casual and fine sectors have huge appeal given the relative affordability. The fast-casual channel is forecast to grow at +8% YOY between now and 2028 (Glove newswire, 2022). Warm and friendly, diversification is a big part of success. Fishmongers , takeaway, retail and restaurant, under one rood is not unusual.

Doing one thing really well such as fried chicken, fish and chips or even loaded fries is delicious. From Vietnamese fried chicken to loaded fries with umami mushroom curry, if there's a sustainable message as well it's a bonus.

We've collated the key takeouts from our latest menuwatching report covering Casual & Fine Casual below.

1. Global Flavours – The channel is a perfect place to find global influences in food, from a light touch of the odd global ingredient being used in a local dish to full blown authentic plates. This is found across all courses and snacks including bread. Things like global fried chicken, such as the VFC (Vietnamese fried chicken) at Chôm Chôm in Hong Kong, are changing the face of menus.

2. Classic Luxury – In both Casual and Fine Casual we are seeing dishes with a high-end treatment, perhaps a grating of truffle or spoon of caviar, along with local meats and ingredients, like we are seeing at Frenchie in both the UK and France.

3. Sustainable & Local – The channel is chock full of local ingredients and suppliers, often being shouted about on social media, showing the pride that these restaurants have in what they are using. They are looking to use all the animal, fish or plant lowering their carbon footprint and offering seasonal ingredients, the Three Blue Ducks in Australia are a good example of where both food and drinks have local elements.


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