menuwatching - Cocktails & Bar Snacks

What's been trending across cocktail menus and accompanying bar snacks over the past months? We take a look in our latest menuwatching report covering cocktail bars, restaurants and hotels.

Cocktails were shaken and stirred this year as many of us celebrated being back in bars where and when possible. We may be looking to cut down on alcohol consumption overall, however mindful drinking means even more attention is turned towards those one or two cocktail treats.

We've lifted three of the key takeouts from the Cocktails & Bar Snacks menuwatching report to give you a feel for what's covered and what to expect if you're reading the full article. These are:

1. Big and Bold – With COVID-19 impacting our senses, and also given that when we do visit bars, we want to be WOWed, cocktails and bar snacks have stepped into another realm in terms of sensory appeal.

Topped with smoked bubbles or with lots of floral aromatic flavour, colour, and even the heat of mustard cocktails are both multi-sensory and social media worthy drinking experiences.

2. Mindful – Many are looking to cut down alcohol and when they do drink more, attention goes towards that cocktail. Premium spirits and local ingredients trend – whether it's local lavender sugar around the rim of a glass or carbon negative spirits as the base. All signs point to more attention being paid.

3. Health in Mind – While alcohol is never healthy, we are seeing a lot more gut friendly fermented ingredients and adaptogens across both drinks and bar snacks such as mint kombucha mixes.

Low and no alcohol also continues to trend with lots of spritzes and natural wine based low ABV cocktails.


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