menuwatching - Pizzerias

Our new menuwatching report covering Pizzerias is live. This latest review covers what we've been tracking across menus in the pizza houses recently. To give a taste of what to expect in the full report, we've outlined three key take-outs below.

1. More Occasions – During lockdown take away pizza was a favourite for many, and while takeaways are still important, as the world reopens Pizzeria's are exploring different occasions to keep diners coming back for more. Sandwich style panuozzos make excellent lunch time options and sharing dough rings filled with Nutella make for delicious, sharable, not to mention social media-worthy, desserts.

2. Healthier Twists – Pizza is all about comfort, yet with health rising to the top of many agendas healthier twists are in demand. From gut-friendly double fermented bases to veggie toppings like whole roasted baby corn that is easy on the eye, not to mention having nutritious credentials, we are seeing more vegetables. Plant-based choice is also extended as more consumers look for tasty, plant- based food and drink that has healthier connotations for people and planet.

3. To the Future – Just as pizza delivery by drone is talked about, pizza bases and toppings are also reinvented. From caramelised chilli pineapple on a Hawaiian to more white pizzas, chick pea farinata (pancake like) bases, and ceviche topping, the future is different. With more of us than ever investing in pizza ovens, it's even more important for pizzeria's to differentiate from what we can more easily make at home.

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