menuwatching - Pubs and Bars

The ever changing landscape of 2020 proved to be a testing affair for pubs and bars, doing their utmost to survive under the restrictions which COVID brought upon them, while dealing with extended periods of zero trade entirely. From our latest in-depth menuwatching report, we have selected three key takeouts of the trends and changes we have observed during a difficult year.

The Best of Traditional

There are certain dishes that are a must on every pub and bar menu and today's consumers are looking for these to be at their very best. For burgers, the meat needs to be from named suppliers and breeds, always with a chicken and plant-based version on offer. Fish needs to be sustainably sourced and served in a local beer batter, with a generous portion of double or triple cooked chips. All helping to serve the very best food, best for your customer and for the planet.

Bar Snacks

Growing in popularity, bar snacks can be made in-house or by local suppliers. Crackling, once served in plastic bags, are now made in-house, not only from pork but from fish and chicken skins too. Scotch eggs, with a runny yolk, are made with traditional pork sausage along with venison, black pudding or even vegetarian ingredients like peas or cheese. Pork pies are hand raised and ploughmans are served on sharing boards.

Booze in Food and Drink

The 70's favourite Irish (style) coffees are served in the traditional glass, with a choice of spirits and liqueurs, any pub can offer weekly specials. Hot chocolate and milkshakes are made for adults with a choice of beers, spirits and liqueurs added to them. Alcohol is appearing more in food; beer in batter, stouts such as Guinness are fantastic for slow-cooking beef in and sloe gin complements venison perfectly. Use more than a shot of sherry in your trifle, try different sweet drinks like Chambord for a twist, cream can be flavoured for an added layer in desserts and to top drinks too.

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