menuwatching - Pubs and Bars 2022

As we look ahead to a different future for pubs and bars, creativity stands out – takeaways continue but creative cocktails, and events such as cookery classes all grow the trade further. We've taken a deep dive into the category of Pubs and Bars in our recent menuwatching report to cover the sector as it stands now as well as the changes it's undergoing and what we can expect to see going forward.

Subscribers to our trendhub can read the report in full, via the link at the end of this article, but to give you a taste for what to expect, here are our top three takeouts from the report.

1. Sustainable Luxury - Classics such as scampi and chips are elevated with both tasty and sustainable cues at the Dog & Gun in Skelton, UK - North Sea cod and gribiche cheek scampi is served with vermouth sauce. We're also seeing different ways of serving alcohol that can help to cut down on waste and labour such as high quality wine served in a can.

2. Mindful Sips - As many consumers adapt mindful drinking, looking to cut down alcohol for health reasons, that one or two drinks receive more attention. For some there's nothing like a pint enjoyed in a pub, however, premium cocktails made with local ingredients also trend alongside a much bigger choice of soft drinks such as kombucha on tap.

3. Global Classics - There's lots of British classics such as pies and suet puddings, however, we're also seeing more international classics such as authentic taco nights, French and Spanish Basque cuisine.


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