menuwatching Report - Cafes & Bakeries 2022

Our latest menuwatching report is here, taking a look at what we've been tracking across Cafes and Bakeries, both independents and chains. Read our key takeouts from the report.

We define Cafes and Bakeries as establishments selling freshly baked goods alongside tea, coffee and similar beverages. Catering to brunch, lunch and increasingly converting to bars in the evening too.

Coffee shops and bakeries continue to be the social hub at the heart of communities, colourful, affordable and tasty, the quest for the perfect pastry (and cup of coffee!) is on. From designer bakes in food halls to cosy bakeries, in a post-lockdown world where people want to go all out in terms of experiences, this channel is fun and relatively affordable.

However, rising costs mean that the average cup of Joe and core baking ingredients such as butter are now over +20% YOY (CGA Index 2022). Generating more volume is key - from authentic, sustainable bakes made with oodles of precision through to social media friendly sellouts like the French mustard doughnut at Dough Doughnuts in the UK, it's a craft with must-have fashion status.

As ever with our trendhub reports to give you a feel for what you can expect in the full version we've collated three key takeouts. These can be found below, with details on how to access the full report at the bottom of this article.

1. Stand Out – The Sûpreme – a circular croissant filled with delicious creams has gone viral, and meant long queues at a Bakery in New York. The pumpkin chai Sûpreme has been launched for Halloween filled with a sleepy hollow custard. Stand out visuals and flavour bring designer must have status to bakes and drinks for a relatively cheap price.

2. Don't cost the earth – The cost of coffee continues to spiral with climate change impacting the supply of Arabica coffee. Cheaper ways of creating menus that also benefit the planet are popular. From koji fermented coffee and arabica blends through to using excess syrup from homemade compote from the morning's granola as flavour for sodas, innovation is high.

3. Widen the doors - Artisan baker Kudo has just opened a gluten free bakery in Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, Australia and there are plans for take out. From pop ups and collaborations to finding dual menu purposes for hero bakery items such as a Danish with goats cheese and green pea puree; more volume (without waste) is sought.


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