menuwatching Report - Cafes & Bakeries 2023

Our Cafés & Bakeries 2023 menuwatching report is now live, and it's full of rich content on trending flavours, formats, cuisines and more. Cafés and Bakeries are a regular sight on any high street, selling freshly bakes goods alongside tea, coffee and other beverages. Catering for breakfast, brunch, lunch and increasingly converting to a bar and dinner in the evening too. This diversity often leads to an equally creative menu - something we've explored in this latest report.

Although only a small growth, there has been an annual rise YOY of 0.2% of new Cafés and Coffee Shops opening. According to British Baker the out of home bakery market has stabilised since the pandemic, in 2022 the total market was £10.5bn, 9.8% ahead of 2019 and looks likely to grow in 2023.

We've pulled three key takeouts from the Cafés & Bakeries 2023 menuwatching report, each listed below:

1. Fine Dining (ish). Cafés & Bakeries are taking inspiration from the Fine Dining world, using more foraged ingredients, layering flavours, repurposing waste in creative ways, and using more unusual cuts of meat. And to wash it all down… they are also serving more alcohol, especially cocktails.

2. Something For Everyone… This channel is more exciting and diverse than ever, and cafés and bakeries are full of global cuisines, fun food and drinks, and healthier choices for all lifestyles. There's a café or bakery for everyone, in any mood – from local business for locals to enjoy through to social media ready, 'must visit' destination venues.

3. Evolve the Classics. There are certain dishes that consumers expect to see in Cafés and Bakeries, e.g. sourdough bread, pastries, sandwiches, and these continue to shine on menus. But creative chefs think of ways to evolve these; e.g. sourdough is increasingly not just seen in bread, but also used in laminated doughs such as croissants and Danish pastries. Sourdough Pizza Danish, anyone?


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