menuwatching Report - Casual & Fine Casual 2023

Our latest menuwatching report is live, covering what's trending across Casual and Fine Casual restaurants. Casual restaurants quite often have fun-filled menus with quirky names. Offering both sit-down and take-away service, they offer more affordable and informal dining. Fine casual is very similar to casual dining, although the atmosphere tends to be slightly more formal and the menu more complex.

Like all of hospitality the channel is facing challenges in terms of rising costs and staff shortages. However, the relative affordability compared to pricier restaurants is an opportunity for the channel in the future.

Dining in restaurants has grown faster than both drive-thrus and take-outs month-on-month in November 2022 for both the casual channel and QSR (QSR 2023). As more diners and luncheonettes open, we're being transported back to the era of shakes, sundaes and burgers. With any time dining on the rise, counter-top service is perfect for brunch and small plate service.

To give more insight into what to expect in the full Casual & Fine Casual menuwatching report we've collated three key takeouts, listed below. tfp trendhub subscribers can access the report in full via the link at the bottom of the article.

1. Fine Dining touches – Whether it's quirky tasting menus or upgraded sauces like Thai pesto chicken or marrownaise topping aged beef burger patties, premium touches come to the channel that don't cost the earth.

2. Nostalgia – More American style diners and luncheonettes are opening – Just as décor challenges a nostalgic vibe menus choices such as ice cream sundaes, shakes and retro puddings trend.

3. Fusion – This channel has lots of cuisine influences including French, Mexican and Asian. Fusion stands out where two cuisines are melded together – a Korean barbecue bao is delicious.


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