menuwatching Report - Cocktails & Bar Snacks 2024

Drink up, drink up! Because there's lots of exciting innovation afoot in the world of Cocktails & Bar Snacks. Cocktails are popular across all channels of foodservice, we even saw cocktails in QSR and Fast Casual, as different channels compete with each other to attract new customers. A perfect way to have a treat, without paying for a full meal, cocktails pair well with bar snacks, and can open a new line of income for venues.

Bar snacks can change with the seasons, a basic dish can be changed with condiments and seasoned herbs, helping to lower costs as one main ingredient can be served in many different ways.

Our Cocktails & Bar Snacks report is now live on the hub for trendhub subscribers, a few key take-outs include:

1. Big, Bold Visuals - This year cocktails are full of big & bold visuals… Think strong, vibrant hues of oranges, blues and pinks scattered across menus, finished with extra colourful toppings for ultimate visual impact. Meanwhile, cocktail glasses are decorated around the rim with flavoured spices and salts – and garnishes are large, colourful, smoking and perhaps even edible (often made from waste food trimmings).

2. No Waste – Bars and kitchens are working together to lower waste. Bar snacks are created with leftovers from the main menu, and alcohol and syrups are flavoured with trimmings of food that would in the past have gone into the bin. Check out Eve Bar (London) for a stellar example of this waste free ethos.

3. Sustainable Spirits – Growing in popularity, low impact, planet friendly sprits are being used in more bars. It's all about reducing their carbon footprint, and aiming for net zero emissions. And it's not just about what's in the bottle, but also the bottle itself. Indeed check out Avallen Spirits, who make climate positive calvados sold in lightweight glass bottles, paper bottles or large containers all lowering their carbon footprint.


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