menuwatching Report - Fine Dining 2022

Our latest menuwatching report has been published, covering the fine dining sector, one that includes Michelin-starred restaurants or any that serves great food, usually as part of an exclusive experience and tends to be at a higher price. In this channel the bar is set high with new flavours and innovation - there is a wealth of inspiration for both chefs and retail.

The fine dining sector, is perhaps more inclusive than ever – from pop ups to exclusive alfresco events and dining experiences, there's an air of informality and an open invite. Despite the cost of living crisis, fine dining is viewed as a relatively affordable and memorable experience for some. At the forefront of flavour and menu innovation, inspiration for both the channel and retail is huge.

We've collated the key takeouts from this Fine Dining menuwatching report below to give you a flavour of what you can expect from the full version.

1.Sustainability and luxury intertwined – Green Michelin star restaurants are setting the bar high in terms of regenerative initiatives for both community and the environment. Next level ways of reducing waste trend such as blackcurrant petit fours made using blackcurrants that have previously infused vodka for 6 months.

2.Inventiveness – Creativity is high within test kitchens where new flavours and dishes are experimented with. Noma Projects has been set up this year to translate innovative flavour from Denmark's Michelin starred restaurant to retail – such as the garum smoked mushroom pizza which has a umami kick. There's also more personalisation from chefs who bring their heritage and unique twists to recipes.

3.The simple things –Sometimes it's about simply celebrating seasonal ingredients and traditional styles of cooking such as fire cooking, roasting and poaching. A carrot poached in carrot juice, and then slowly roasted with cull yaw fat is delicious.


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