menuwatching report - Hotels

Our ongoing research into menus across a range of different service areas continues, with our latest report now live covering what we've tracked and seen across Hotels. For a range of insight our categorisation of Hotels refers to both luxury high end as well as budget too. The report is also focused on the changing face of the sector since the pandemic.

To give you a taste of what you'll find in our comprehensive report on menus from the Hotels category we've highlighted three key take outs, below.

1. Love Local

Hotels, as well as many other aspects of foodservice are loving using local ingredients and dishes. Working with produce from their own garden, allotment or farm, or from working with local farmers and producers. This makes working with the seasons easier, as local produce grows only in-season. Hotels are placing beehives on their roof or are working with local honey producers like Urban Beehive in Sydney Australia who produce honey in city environments. Using the whole animal and all that is produced from the land helps to cut back on food waste and creates interesting ingredients for both food and drink menus. Try using blackcurrant stalks to flavour vinegar, oil or alcohol for example.

2. Changing Times

COVID-19 has made us all look at how we work and live. Hotels are adapting to this change, how they work and the facilities they provide. Working spaces that are cleaned down regularly help commuters work in the city or holiday makers can extend their holiday and work on-site whilst their family are enjoying the sun. Over lockdown we adopted more pets than ever before and we want to take these fur babies away with us, so hotels are extending their pet facilities to include food, drinks, and beds as well as pet walking services, butlers and even pet spas along with areas where pets can eat with you. Families are choosing to stay locally and hotels are providing family-friendly holidays with lots to do on-site. A great example is Conrad St James who offer family 'glamping' holidays with tents and fun décor in your room.

3. The Wow Factor

With many choosing to holiday in their own country, hotels are ramping up the experiences they offer on-site. Picnics by the lake can be romantic or family-friendly, or they can be taken in cold climates with fire pits and warm blankets supplied like we saw at Kristiana Lech in Austria. Bars and restaurants are becoming destinations to visit as they shout about their signature, show-stopping food and drinks. The Savoy, UK, is renowned for its beef wellington carved tableside and guests want to try it. There are classic cocktails and more modern drinks waiting to become classic and guests want to try these when they visit the hotel bar, as well as wanting to learn how to make them during classes run by bar staff, to impress family and friends with when they return home.


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