menuwatching Report - Hotels 2022

Our latest menuwatching report is here, taking a look at what we've been tracking across hotel menus, from luxury to mass market venues. Within this report both hotel menus and guest experiences are covered.

This summer many of us have enjoyed hotel stays, and occupancy is on the up, however, given rising living costs, doors are opening to provide one off experiences for all whether staying the night or not.

The Dorchester in the UK has just opened Cake & Flowers, a new patisserie and flower shop, and Michelin-starred chef Niklas Ekstedt brings Swedish fire cooking to The Great Scotland Yard hotel in London with flambadou oysters as part of a six-course mid-summer tasting menu. From all-day dining to popping in for a show-stopper pastry, or breakfast micro hotel experiences can be more affordable and appeal to a wider crowd.

Innovation is high in this channel when it comes to dining experiences, patisserie, mixology, and plating techniques. Ever tried a cookie filled with raw cookie cream? Alongside creativity, sustainability is a must. From zero-mile salads through to sustainable architecture, there's a big move away from single-use, luxury gifting.

As ever with our trendhub reports, we've collated three key take-outs to give a feel for what you can expect in the full version. These can be found below, with details on how to access the full report at the bottom of this article.

1. Micro hotel experiences – A taste of luxury tends to work out cheaper than a full on experience. A great example being Pastry chef Michael Kwan having just opened the Cakes & Flowers patisserie and flower shop in the Dorchester Hotel, popping in for a pastry can be both affordable and delicious.

2. Sustainability – Sustainability runs throughout high end hotels. From the use of eco spirits negating the need for single use glass through to pick 'n' mix garden ingredients at the bar or a zero mile salad and sustainably caught fish, carbon footprint is minimised.

3. Make it memorable – Holidays are about making memories and hotels don't disappoint. NFTs at the hotel Lancaster in Paris allow guests to explore individual artwork in rooms virtually, each NFT also links to a plastic recovery rate where every purchase links to a ton of waste being removed from Brazil. Menus are cutting edge in terms of creativity – from all day menus such as salmon and avruga caviar topped pancakes through to Swedish fire cooked 6 course tasting menus, and with high end patisserie the bar is raised high.


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