menuwatching Report - Pizzerias 2022

Our latest menuwatching report is here, taking a look at what we've been tracking across pizzeria menus.

The cost of living crisis means changes - early signs are that takeaways are one of the first things that diners are cutting back on as a way to save. Dominoes has reported a -2.9% YoY decline this quarter, and Deliveroo has cut its sales forecast for the next quarter (Dominoes and Deliveroo 2022). Eating in at a Pizzeria on the other hand can offer a sociable and relatively affordable dining experience, and after so many years of disrupted social lives, this is desirable. With the cost of ingredients continuing to rise, and with consumer demand for even more affordable choices high, menus expand with more shareable sides and alternative mains such as smokey wood-roasted pumpkin with chestnuts and beurre noisette.

We've collated three key takeouts from the report to give you a feel for the full Pizzeria menuwatching report below.

1. Extended menus – There's a lot more choice in many pizzeria's, many making affordable and delicious add ons or alternatives. Cocktails, salads and sharable dishes get an upgrade, think citrus salad with burnt honey vinaigrette or pickled mussels and octopus in chilli oil as shareable tapas.

There's also a nod to fast food, whether that's the new Burger Pizza range launched by Dominoes in Australia or chicken wings topped in parsley and parmesan.

2. Go Green – There is a big focus on vegetables and green, hearty veg such as broccoli or courgette. Brussel sprouts paired with anchovies make delicious toppings with healthier credentials to boot. Bases such as wild garlic pesto can make a great alternative to tomato too.

3. Regional Classics Almost everybody loves a pizza, and more regional classics continue to change things up. Argentina pizza is a thick crusted cheesy pizza, and both American and Italian regional pizzas with bags of heritage continue to trend. For example, Pizza Al Taglio in Rome has a thick and airy dough similar to focaccia and is traditionally sold by the slice, and the New Haven thinner sliced crust from the US is delicious.


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