menuwatching Report - Pizzerias 2023

A fan favourite and one that's not going anywhere in a hurry ... our latest menuwatching report covers everything we've been tracking across Pizzerias this year.

Pizza continues to be a favourite dish, according to CGAs Food Insights Report, one in five customers name pizza as one of their top three dishes when eating out, making pizza more popular than burgers and chicken tikka. Many menus are offering snacks to have with drinks as well as starters, salads, and desserts, extending menus to encourage a larger spend.

There are lots of exciting things happening in the world of pizzerias, as the classic 'dough, sauce, cheese and toppings' formula is not just a delicious crowd pleaser – it's also budget friendly, something that is ever more important as we navigate a cost of living crisis. And it doesn't hurt that pizzas are a great canvas for creative, gourmet twists.

To give you a bit more insight into what you can expect in the extensive 99 page menuwatching report on the tfp trendhub, we've collated three key takeouts - listed below. trendhub subscribers can access the report in full via the link at the end of this article.

1. Global Influence - Flavours from around the globe are being mixed with traditional pizzas/bases from Italy and America. For instance, thick styles like Detroit, Sicilian, Roman and Grandma pizza bases are a particular favourite with flavours from the Far East. Meanwhile flavours of Mexico are proving popular on thin bases – perhaps even served on baked tortillas, for an extra crispy take on pizza.

2. All Day Pizza - 'All day eating' is on the rise in the world of pizza, as rulebooks are being thrown out the window – and a good old slice can hit the spot any time of day! So it's pizza anytime, any way – think 'avo toast' made on a pizza dough base; breakfast pizzas topped with bacon, egg and cheese; or even pizza slices used as sandwich carriers. And there's pizza snacking aplenty too, as dough and toppings are reimagined into balls, bites, twists and more, as a bite-size alternative to a whole pie.

3. Elevated Treat - The whole world is going through a financial crisis, but we all still want the occasional treat – whether that means a gourmet or luxury indulgence. Pizza is a relatively economical choice, and can provide a great canvas in this regard – as it can be easily elevated with truffle, caviar or named and local, even foraged ingredients. Touches of texture from branded crisps or flavoured creamy mayo, jams, powders, and oils add post-cook elevations, too.


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