menuwatching Report - Street Food 2022

Our latest menuwatching report has been published, covering what we've been tracking across street food. We've collated three key takeouts from the report to give you a feel for the full report.

From vans and festivals to foodie markets, who doesn't enjoy street food? Dishes dial up big on authenticity and newness - from Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches to a truffle croissant burger enjoyed alfresco, global cuisine and innovation starts here.

While street food is relatively affordable, rising fuel and ingredient costs still mean reinvention. Desserts or stopping for an ice cream tend to be more affordable than a meal out, yet with the cost of cream +53% since the start of the year (Kantar 2022), premiumisation is is one way for vendors to stay afloat. Cashew jaggery soft serve made with small batch kithul jaggery syrup (palm sugar from Sri Lanka) is delicious, and lobster topping fries is luxury.

Collaborations mean that more things are sold under one roof, and given that many diners are returning to offices just a few days a week, people are more likely to treat themselves at lunch.

We've collated three key takeouts from this Street Food menuwatching report below to give you a flavour of what you can expect from the full version.

1. Creative switches – While alfresco street food is relatively affordable, the rising cost of fuel and ingredient costs impacts the channel. For example, with milk and cream costs soaring, ice-cream vendors innovate – granita with hibiscus flowers, sorbets and sorrel slushies are premium yet still use alternative ingredients.

2. Global – We continue to explore the world through street food. Filipino barbecue trends alongside West African cuisine with jollof rice and plantain chips.

3. Little Moments – We're seeing a lot more desserts, breakfast and lux sandwiches within street food, as they tend to make more affordable snacks. Innovation is high – tandoor flatbreads, the perfect Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich makes for a delicious lunch, and experimentation within desserts is at all time high - think tiramisu clouds, authentic gelato, and torched meringue topped cookies.


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