Mercato Centrale Makes Its Debut Outside Of Italy

Italian artisan food market Mercato Centrale is set to make its debut outside of Italy, opening in Australia's food capital, Melbourne, aiming for a soft-opening mid-2024.

Having established itself as one of the go-to hubs globally for creative artisan cuisine with locations in Florence, Rome, Turin and Milan, the step towards international expansion is an exciting nod towards what's to come for the Mercato Centrale brand. Founder Umberto Montano described the concept as 'more than just the food. The connection of people to the architecture, the food, the design. No part of Mercato Centrale is a normal building'.

The new Melbourne base will be found at the iconic McPherson's Building which serves as an appropriate home thanks to its 3,000 square metres that will home 20 food stalls where you can buy a plethora of Italian food and produce.

Each Mercato has its own identity, often featuring artistic talents and intricate exhibits designed to showcase the characteristics of the historical and architectural spaces each Mercato occupies.

In the new Melbourne Mercato, visitors will be welcomed by a range of bakeries on the ground floor where fresh bread, pizzas and sweets will be baked fresh each day. Alongside these, butchers, seafood stalls, pasta shops and cheesemakers will add to the atmosphere with food to appeal to all the senses. Moving upstairs you'll find two restaurants before being topped off with the 'to-do' space, a regular feature at each Mercato Centrale, where activities including educational programs, cooking classes, and book and film reviews will be held.

Find out more about the Mercato Centrale concept on its website, here.