Michelin Green Stars

Though there is no denying that Michelin shall forever be synonymous with the world's finest cuisine, inspirational innovation and talented chefs, their latest endeavour to recognise the achievements of those working hard to improve sustainable dining marks a new direction for the historic guide.

The Michelin Green Star is awarded to those who operate at the highest environmental and ethical standards, often working with producers to establish a business which provides the greatest dining experience without harming the world around us as a result of unsustainable practices.

Speaking of the awards, thefoodpeople co-founder, Charles Banks said:

"It's fantastic to see Michelin launch their new symbol, the green four leaf clover, that recognises those chefs and establishments that are going above and beyond when it comes to ethical, environmental and sustainable practices. This is another clear signal that the food era of 'conscience cuisine' that we highlighted in 2019, is here to stay and is gaining momentum."

"Over the last 10 years we've seen a steady growth in the number of chefs who are taking their responsibility to provide food and drink experiences in harmony with the environment with consideration for sustainable food systems. Some of the practices include working directly with growers, farmers and fishermen; foraging hedgerows and woodlands; growing plants and rearing animals; as well as applying regenerative methods such as no-dig vegetable gardens and successional cover crop growing. They also often go beyond environmental considerations to address the quality of life of their staff, as well as contributing to charitable and educational projects."

"Looking forward, its our view that the pandemic influence on consumer behaviour is likely to produce a more sustainable era of consumption over the next 10 years, where consumers think more about balancing what they eat and buy, with global issues such as sustainability. It's also a wake-up call for us as industry to ensure we have the agility and capability to keep space with these shifts. Well done Michelin for supporting industry, to in turn, help diners to make a positive choice when it comes to eating out."

One establishment already awarded with this new seal of approval from Michelin is that of L'Enclume, fronted by chef Simon Rogan, who has already guided the restaurant to great acclaim. Speaking of the news, Rogan stated:

"Last night, we received some news that brightened the spirits of our team. L'Enclume has been recognised with a Michelin Green Star. Since the first day of opening, we have strived to ensure that we follow ethical practices in the restaurants and use sustainable growing techniques, so it is a real honour to receive this accolade. To achieve such an award would not be possible without Our Farm, which is at the core of everything we do. "

"We built Our Farm with one primary purpose in mind, to have a harmonious relationship between growing and cooking. We have learnt so much over the last ten years, pouring a considerable amount of time, energy and research into making a fully functioning farm, and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. The farm has since quadrupled in size and will continue to grow as we expand our repertoire and take on new challenges."

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