Michelin Guide Creates Sustainable Cooking Symbol

Announced earlier this year, Michelin Guide's brand new symbol for sustainable restaurants, has now been awarded to more than 50 establishments already.

This includes the three star Michelin awarded Mirazur in Menton, boasting a total of two hectares of vegetable gardens, in collaboration with a zero-waste policy.

Those eligible to be awarded the innovative mark are those who have already secured the plate, bib gourmand or 1-3 stars.

Others featured are Paris based David Toutain for his work with smallholdings and local craftsmen to combine confirmed food orders with bookings to reduce the likelihood of waste.

Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guides, spoke at the announcement: "Faced with constantly evolving challenges including production methods, sourcing and waste management, chefs are striving to improve their practices. Often, these initiatives combine the best of the knowledge of our predecessors with the creativity and innovation of chefs who are never short of ideas. The ambition of our approach is to amplify the scope of the good and ingenious practices of chefs by putting them in the spotlight."

Those who meet the criteria of sustainability shall be celebrated and promoted through the work of the Michelin Guide in 2020 and beyond.