Michelin includes street stalls in Hong Kong & Macau 2013

The 2013 selection reflects the sustained improvement in the quality of restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. It also highlights the fast changes in the industry, and increasing richness and diversity of the gastronomy.

This is the 5th edition of the awards and remarkably has 40% changes and new entries from 2012. It lists a total of 286 establishments in Hong Kong (244 restaurants and 42 hotels) and 62 establishments in Macau (46 restaurants and 16 hotels). Among them, 65 new restaurants are new entries (51 in Hong Kong and 14 in Macau).

This 5th edition sees the following changes;

A total of 17 two-star restaurants to include 5 new in Hong Kong and 1 new in Macau.

A total of 46 one-star restaurants to include 12 new in Hong Kong and 1 new in Macau.

All 5 of last year’s three-star restaurants maintained their status. 4 of these restaurants are in Hong Kong and one is in Macau.

In this year’s guide, 70% of the standard restaurants selected offer Chinese cuisine, including Shanghaies, Pekingese, Sichuan, Hakka, Hang Zhou, Cantonese, and Chiu Chow.

Michelin inspectors also noted that more and more chefs are fully engaged in deploying their creativity to offer customers superior meals at very affordable price through the Bib Gourmand award. This label denotes restaurants offering a delicious, full three-course meal at an affordable price - for no more than HKD/ MOP 300. Thus, while 26 Bib Gourmand restaurants were listed in the first edition, the 2013 selection lists a total of 76 Bib Gourmand restaurants (68 in Hong Kong and 8 in Macau), chosen by the inspectors for their good value for money. 18 Bib Gourmand restaurants are new to the guide, indicating that there are a lot of affordable restaurants with top-quality.

The guide also features a total of 63 simple shop restaurants (54 in Hong Kong and 9 in Macau). These basic, local food stalls make up around 20% of the guide and include noodle shops, Roast meats, Dim Sum, Cantonese, Thai, Ramen noodles and congee eateries, and Vietnamese food stalls. Some of them have even been awarded stars, making them the most affordable starred restaurants in the world.