Michelin Starred Chef Andrew Wong to Open New Modern Chinese Restaurant

Michelin starred chef Andrew Wong is to open his latest London restaurant, Kym's in Bloomberg Arcade this September - touted as a modern, premium, casual Chinese.

The restaurant is named after Wong's parents' restaurant in Victoria, and will have a menu featuring Wong's interpretation of classic Chinese dishes including sharing platters of crispy duck, pancakes and plum sauce as well as classics such as slow-poached soy chicken, ginger relish and rice.

Wong said: "My food has always been about the journey: the history of China and the cultures of its gastronomic regions. Kym's will be no different really but this time it's about my community and my own journey. The name is actually something very personal to me and my family.

"Some of the flavours will be instantly recognisable and even hark back to the nostalgia of the original Kym's menus, with sweet snd sour elements and more rice-based dishes. Like so much of Chinese gastronomy, it'll be deceptively simple food with a big emphasis on the ancient craft of Chinese roasting meats – and that includes poaching. For me though, it's also about celebrating and paying my respects to the contribution the Chinese community has had over the past 100 years on British gastronomy. I think we've all evolved and I want to offer casual Chinese food that is something away from what guests have come to expect."

The restaurant will also host an intricate circular bar offering a range of cocktails influenced by China's diverse food traditions and reflecting the capital's contemporary and classic cocktail culture.

Find out more about Andrew Wong, and his current London venue Restaurant A.Wong on its website.