Mike's Hot Honey Brand Launches 80s-Inspired Pizza-Themed Arcade Game

Brooklyn-based honey brand Mike's Hot Honey has launched 80s-inspired arcade game Slice Hunter, a pizza-themed homage to the iconic arcade games housed in pizzerias of the 1980s & 90s.

Mike's Hot Honey is America's leading brand of hot honey. Founded in 2010 by Mike Kurtz, the brand was born from a desire to create and share the highest quality honey infused with chillies. Mike began drizzling his signature hot honey on pizzas at the Brooklyn pizzeria where he worked, and customers started to ask if they could buy bottles to take home.

Mike's Hot Honey became a word-of-mouth sensation, sparking the creation of a new category of honey. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Mike's Hot Honey can now be found on restaurant menus and retail shelves across the US.

The new Slice Hunter game can be played via your iPhone via an App, whilst visitors to Mike's Hot Honey in Brooklyn can physically play the game in person with the nostalgic Slice Hunter arcade cabinet.

In an Instagram post, Mike's Hot Honey explains, Slice Hunter puts players in the hot seat of the Mike's Hot Honey bottle, blasting through an interstellar adventure of food invaders. Set against a backdrop of cheesy galaxies, participants aim at mouth-watering targets like pizza, ice cream, and chicken wings,
exploring the vast possibilities of sweet heat combinations.

Find out more about the brand here.