Mindfulness Events Series from Amplify Spirits and MasterPeace in London

A new series of events aimed at creating a relaxing, mindful environment this January and February have launched at London's MasterPeace venue, Belgravia, in partnership with new non-alcoholic spirit brand Amplify.

Located in Eccleston Yard, MasterPeace is a unique and creative concept founded by Zena El Farra. The mindful art experience allows guests to create beautiful, personal works of art with the help of one of their team of professionals. Using light as a guide, guests turn their favourite images into paintings to take home. This January, non-alcoholic spirit brand Amplify is teaming up with MasterPeace for 'Mindful Mondays with Amplify'.

For 6 weeks, starting on 13th January, MasterPeace will be providing all guests with Amplify serves throughout their Monday sessions as well as delicious light and healthy nibbles.

This run of events at MasterPeace are part of 'Amplify Your Dry January', a calendar packed full with interactive events and pop ups created by zesty new non-alcoholic spirit, Amplify. The events are taking place throughout January and across London, meaning that giving up the booze needn't mean sacrificing the fun.

Book: https://www.drinkamplify.co.uk

Masterpeace - 12 Eccleston Yards, Belgravia, London SW1W 9NF