Mirror Margarita Claims New RTD Clear Margarita Is A World First

Globally renowned agave spirits expert and multi-award winning drinks brand, Mirror Margarita launches a new category first with its ready-to-drink clear margarita.

The new drink is claimed to be a world-first as it launches in Sainsbury stores around the UK and online this September. The new 15% ABV clear margarita is made using 100% Premium Agave Blanco Cazcabel Tequila and is taken directly from London bar Hacha's cocktail menu, opened in 2019 by Mirror Margarita's co-founders Deano Moncrieffe and Emma Murphy.

The Mirror Margarita's website describes the drink as made with Patrón Silver Tequila for a clean, crisp and citrus laced base we use a blend of mixed grapefruit essences along with malic acid - a sour naturally produced by the agave plant itself - instead of the usual lime and sugar to create a truly unique Margarita that is light, delicate and will always leave you wanting another.

Co-founder Moncrieffe said: "We have always believed there is a gap in the market for a premium RTD cocktail which is expert led, so people who are time poor but love good quality drinks can enjoy them without any fuss at home.

"What's more we believe the new product will resonate with people who are already fans of Mexican spirits, but also the innovation behind the recipe with its crystal-clear appearance will intrigue new audiences".

Find out more about the new Mirror Margarita drink here.