M&M's Launch New Collaboration With Adidas

Some collaborations you see and they make perfect sense, others take you by surprise but are equally as creative nonetheless - such as the new collab between Adidas and M&M's announced this month. The new pairing sees the launch of a limited edition sneaker called Originals Forum Lo 84, inspired by the confectionary brand's branding and packaging.

With the letter M perforated into the toe box of each shoe and the leather of the shoe coloured in the chocolate brand's distinctive yellow pantone you'd already spot the partnership even before the removable M&M's brand flag is attached on the lacing of each foot.

"The M&M's brand has long been committed to bringing people together by creating colourful fun for all, as part of our mission to create a word where everyone feels they belong," said Jane Hwang, global marketing VP at Mars Wrigley.

"Mars is proud to celebrate fans from all communities through this collaboration, which is also customisable, allowing sneaker and candy fans … personal expression."

Would you buy a pair? Find out more about the shoes on Adidas's website here. (Unfortunately they're already sold out!)