Modern Twist on the Old School as Tesco Introduces New Sweet Treats

Tesco has introduced a modern twist on a few old school classics, adding new flavours to the well known Jammie Dodger and Custard Cream biscuits. The new Rhubarb and Custard Creams and Yoghurt Jammie Dodgers have been launched at many of the supermarket's locations around the UK.

The new Jammie Dodgers come in a rectangular shape, filled with yoghurt and jam; while the classic Custard Cream has been revamped into a new look Rhubarb and Custard cream – featuring a new rhubarb filling adding to the original custard taste.

For some changing an old favourite is a touchy subject, while others welcome the innovation - what's your view? Have you tried them? Let us know on Twitter - @thefoodpeople.