Moink Debuts Ethically Sourced Meat and Salmon Subscription Box

Food-to-your-door retailer Moink recently launched its customisable subscription box of humanely raised meat and salmon, connecting ethically conscious meat lovers to a community of small, sustainable farmers and their high-quality proteins.

"We created Moink because we knew there had to be a better way to connect farmers and consumers transparently," said Moink Co-Founder Lucinda Cramsey. "Figuring out where your food comes from and how it was raised should not be as hard as it is today. We're working to make a variety of ethically sourced and humanely raised meat accessible to the everyday consumer."

"As a farmer, I'm excited to increase access to sustainable, ethical meat for everyone," said Co-Founder Adam Cramsey. "Unlike our competitors, we work only with farms that raise animals outdoors in pastures or forests where they are happiest and healthiest. With Moink, customers receive the highest-quality meat available, which are raised without GMOs, hormones or antibiotics - and a final product without sugars, nitrates or solutions."


  • All the meat is antibiotic and GMO-free.
  • Animals are never given growth hormones.
  • Chicken is solution free, and bacon and sausage don't contain nitrates, nitrites, or sugar.
  • The finished product is never doctored to alter taste or colour.


The land animals are raised outdoors with room to roam and grass to graze on; they're never given growth hormone or antibiotics, and never fed with GMOs grains.

  • Beef and lamb is grass fed and grass finished.
  • Hogs are raised outdoors and never given GMO grains
  • Chickens are raised outdoors on pasture and never given GMO grains
  • Fish are sustainably wild caught in the arctic waters of Alaska

Customers can choose from curated boxes of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and salmon, or they can create their own, ordering on rolling subscription or as one-off boxes.

The news follows on from our Ethical Eating mega trend, as identified as part of our trend predictions last year. See more about our trend predictions on our trendhub here. Not yet a subscriber? Get in contact today.