Moma Launches Mint Porridge To Tackle Morning Breath

A popular breakfast fix for many around the country, Moma has launched its latest porridge flavour with a new Mint Freshness pot hitting the shelves for a limited time only. The new mint chocolate flavour is aimed at tackling the dreaded bad breath that strikes many each morning.

On its website, Moma says: According to a recent study, almost 8 million Brits regularly miss the chance to brush their teeth in the morning. This stinky habit that doesn't go unnoticed, as 7.8 million of us claim that we just can't stand our colleagues' bad breath! 1 in 5 Brits have even considered quitting their job due to colleague's bad habits like this one!

33% of these dental dodgers blame a lack of time in the morning for their bad breath. And that's where we come in. MOMA's new Minty Freshness porridge is packed full of refreshing peppermint flavour and decadent chocolate, so you can enjoy a mint choc-chip breakfast that's not only filling and delicious, but also sorts out that bad breath!

Mint Chocolate is a recurring theme of late, with our team most recently covering it as a topic in our foodwatching Australia & Asia December 2017 report. The combo is booming in Japan and it seems to be spreading further afield too. Read the report over on our trendhub here.

Find out more about the Moma brand and products on its website.