Monday 24th July is National Tequila Day

Now that Summer is in full swing there's no better time to celebrate National Tequila Day. This Monday July 24th, tequila lovers are invited to transport themselves to the Mexican way of life, and rejoice in the warm long evenings with some of the best tequila offerings around. We pick out some of London's hotspots getting into the Mexican swing of it to celebrate, and where you can get a taste for the infamous liquor.

Over in Hackney, the popular OSLO boasts its Wild Peach Margarita cocktail made with Ocho Blanco Tequila, Wild Peach Liqueur & Fresh Lime Juice. Situated on the cobbled streets in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool, Santa Chupitos has become the City's hotspot late night venue, and their drinks menu reflects the fun and energetic atmosphere with a tequila highlight being their Watermelon Margarita, a mix of Ocho Blanco Tequila, Monin Watermelon, Lime Juice, Agave & Fresh Watermelon.

Hidden away underneath the hustle and bustle of Liverpool's Seel Street, El Bandito is a secretive basement tequileria offering an extensive selection of tequila and mezcal based cocktails. The agave-addled drinking den has Mexican influences throughout, and boasts over approximately fifty tequila and twenty-five mezcals. The Roots of Agave is made using Ocho Blanco Tequila, carrot juice, agave, lime juice and pineapple foam.

To West Hampstead and Bobby Fitzpatrick, a fun pizza and cocktail bar in a characterful and unapologetically retro venue. Try out the Sexy Ting cocktail, made with Olmeca Tequila, Lime, Ting Syrup and Fire, a must for any tequila lover.

While many other spirits seem to be flatlining, tequila seems to be making waves in the drinks world. Tequila sales in the UK have increased by 37% in the last two years, reaching £173m in 2016 (source - WSTA). We recently covered the ever-growing trend in a drinkswatching report on the trendhub. Read it here. Not a member? Get in touch today.