Monty Bojangles Cocoa Dusted Truffles dubut in America

Monty Bojangles, the United Kingdom's fastest growing premium and all-natural French double cocoa dusted truffles are going to the United States. The company will introduce four contemporary truffle flavours to start: "Rich & Intensely Chocolatey," "Crumbly & Soft Cookie," "Flirty & Fruity Orange," and "Sea Salt Infused Toffee." Each premium truffle is double dusted with a generous coat of exquisite bitter sweet cocoa.

The all-natural recipe was created in France in 1934, and hasn't changed in more than 75 years. The traditional French free-form truffles are packaged in an elegant colourful box sealed with its signature Monty Bojangles cat logo. 

"Monty Bojangles is the hottest confections company in the U.K. and their truffles are a proven best seller," says Sherry Schultz a confections industry expert and president of Consumer Products Innovation who is importing Monty Bojangles to the States. "The truffles are delicious, and for the premium quality of the product and high end packaging, the price point (3.5oz $5-7.00) is incomparable. It's a great personal treat or a lovely gift and with its 75 year old history and demonstrated success, we know it will be hugely popular."

Monty Bojangles truffles are rich, smooth, and decadent and are sold across multiple distribution channels throughout Europe including famous stores such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols , Waitrose, John Lewis , Morrisons, the Coop, Boots and Tesco, among others. It's also available at in-flight shops of six major airlines including British Airways.

Monty Bojangles was started by a London-based confection executive and her son who after tasting the French cocoa dusted truffles knew they had to bring them to the world.