Morro Bay, CA Celebrates National Oyster Day August 5, 2015 and All Year Long!

Oysters received so much press and attention in 2014 that they even got a shout out on the home page of the New York Times. This was accompanied with a video appropriately titled "Oysters Make a Comeback" describing how connoisseurs across the country are "binging" on oysters, increasing demand. Well, as that trend continues today, it's no wonder that there is a National Oyster Day every year on August 5. But, is that really enough time to indulge? "We have such a fantastic oyster culture here. You can buy them fresh and local in restaurants, wine bars, our farmers' markets and on the Morro Bay Oyster Company's barge in the bay," says Brent Haugen, Executive Director of the Morro Bay Tourism Bureau. "With our amazing weather, we produce oysters all year long, so there are a lot of reasons to celebrate in Morro Bay. Why not revel in them the entire year, instead of just one day."

Oysters of Morro Bay, California
Oyster farming in Morro Bay began in the early 1900's and has been a part of its rich culture ever since, and the cold, clean waters of Morro Bay produce two specific kinds.

Pacific Gold Oysters are farmed by the Morro Bay Oyster Company, and are a beautiful, hardy species that develop a robust flavour with a hint of melon. This impressive 130-acre oyster marine farm can be seen by paddleboard, kayak or from a guided tour with Lost Isle Adventure Tours. Grassy Bar Oysters are becoming a popular oyster grown and harvested in Morro Bay, exclusively raised by the Grassy Bar Oyster Company. These oysters are medium sized and have plump and juicy meats with rich, briny watermelon flavour.

Fresh Oysters on the Menu
Looking for a romantic oyster dining experience on the bay? Book an evening sunset or Sunday brunch cruise, get online delivery from Giovanni's Fish Market, Windows on the Water is well-known for Oyster Tuesdays. Dorn's Original Breakers Cafe offers fresh seafood including oysters on the half shell. Locals and tourists love the barbequed oysters at Tognazzini's Dockside and Staxx Wine Bar and Bistro features more than 100 local wines and champagnes to sip while enjoying fresh oysters.

Perfect Pairings: The Morro Bay Way!
Morro Bay wants to pair you up with some of the most fun things to do when you come and visit. Pair adventures with overnight stays and experience more amazing scenery and activities in the area.