Mortadella - More! More! More!

Though some may be eager to label it nothing more than luncheon meat, Mortadella is experiencing a huge growth in popularity already this year, with the traditional Italian cold cut staple featuring amongst innovative dishes across the world.

Here are just a few favourites from our recent Mortadella trend report:

Gourmet Today

The humble sausage meat, gently spiced and thinly cut originates from Bologna and is a protected food of geographical importance, so it should not be such a surprise to see it arrive upon the plates of the finest gourmet establishments. Whether paired with fresh gnocco fritto at New York's Rezdora or made in-house each week at London's Manteca, the modest meat is going up in the world.

Say Cheese!

Like so many things which we enjoy in life, cheese is a perfect partner in crime for Mortadella, complimenting the subtle spices of the meat without washing away the flavour entirely. Sons + Daughters of London have combined Mortadella with Taleggio and their secret sauce to produce a toasted Rosemary Focaccia for example. While over in Philadelphia, Royal Boucherie touch upon the classic flavours of the Reuben, creating the Mortadella Grilled Cheese on Rye, with Gruyere and pickled peppers.

Going East

The Italian meat is even making an appearance within Asian cuisine, with an already established love of pork as a key ingredient in Eastern cooking, helping to open the door to this simple cut of meat. Mortadella Banh Mi Bap with Chicken Liver Pate is a firm favourite at Snack Bar, London; while a Mortadella Katsu Sando with crispy Panko crust and Tonkatsu sauce steals the show at New York's Katana Kitten.

For further details as to Mortadella trends, read our report here.